Sunday, June 7, 2009

India must annexe Northwest Bangladesh

Indian Govt must militarily annexe the 7 Northwest (20% or highest Hindu density in that country compared to 2nd highest 16% in Southwest and 9% nationally) Bangladeshi districts that will also widen & secure our strategic passage to Assam from mainland as we helped form Bangladesh in 1971 among whom over 16% were Hindu-Buddhists but half of them already driven out to India and rest 15 millions also must be rehabilitated.


  1. Why have you shown a map in which Arunachal Pradesh is shown as 'disputed area'?

  2. And you post it with a map where Arunachal is disputed.. Pretty neat.. Are you interested in making the entire north east disputed ?

  3. This is the reality, my intention is to point out how much and why India must retaliate against Islamic Bangladesh & China!