Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anti-Nationalism of UPA Govt since 2004

1) Why not a single Jihadi Hanged by UPA since 2004 while torturing Sadhvi Pragya & Colonel Purohit in jail without proofs even after 4 illegal Narco tests?
2) Why no prosecution for Sonia-Rahul-Manmoham-Antulay-Mushirul Hasan (ex-VC) for giving Government (public/taxpayers) money to Jamia Millia Jihadis in legal aid?
3) Paying to form new Muslim Universities & open campuses teaching Arabic & Koran instigating Muslims to turn Jihadis per Koran & kill or forcibly convert all non-Muslim Kafirs while Sanskrit removed as compulsory subject from schools & no chance for Hindu students in India to learn Hindu philosophy in academic institutes?
4) PM says Muslims have first right on India's resources & introduced new 15% minority quotas though the Muslims & Christians ruled for last 800 years as Colonial Masters in India and if downtrodden due to their own inefficiencies and production of several kids to deluge others through numbers
5) Supporting Hussain for disrespecting Hinduism & ousting Taslima for exposing Islam
6) Taxing Hindu Mandirs & providing the money for Haj & Church subsidies
7) Replacing Sun & Lotus symbols of CBSE with Stars (Islam) & Cross (Christianity) & also introduction of Cross in coins
8) 5 crore & growing illegal Bangladeshi Muslim invaders allowed to settle who turning fast minority uprooting 80,000 tribal Bodo Hindus of Assam who are living as refugees while they indulge in smuggling of Jihadis, cows, girls, arms, drugs, fake notes & snatching jobs & resources from poor Indians
9) No ban on conversions & Art. 370 resulting in anti-nationalism & separatism like in Kashmir from where 5 lakh Hindus ousted & Northeast where in Mizoram, Christians drove out 65,000 indigenous Hindu Reangs; besides absence of compulsory 2 children policy destroying India & increasing religious friction through demographic changes
10) Last but not the least, since 2004 UPA led by Congress & Leftists decreased air fare but reduced farm subsidies!

Now fatwa to working Muslim women by Islam: But, that's Islam - http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/fatwa-to-working-muslim-women-dont-talk-to-male-colleagues-24731.php?u=1316

Wondrous Treatment Of Women In Islam: Read Koran - http://www.flex.com/~jai/satyamevajayate/women.html

Details of anti-freedom Islam & Christianity as per Bible & Koran: - http://hindunationalismmuslimunity.blogspot.com/2009/10/indian-govt-gives-taxpayer-money-in.html

Charo taraf he ek hi nara, jago Bharat desh hamara!!!

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