Friday, May 7, 2010

Hindus can but will Muslims accept "Indianism"?

If such a philosophy accepted to unite all by Indians!
Save your brothers as Kasab like Afzal Guru will go to SC & President without punishment: -

Tenets of Indianism or Indian Philosophy! - Bharatiya Dharm

1. Each & everything is Divine as all born from GOD so is neither ONE nor MANY anymore. People call HIM by various names or Creation or UNIVERSE. Scientists call it God Particle - Boson from which through Big Bang phenomenon of expansion of all Universe and after creation and reverting back after each cycle - Yuga Chakra.
2. Various forms of Energy made this possible & Creation is just an interplay of matter and energy which often interchanges and hence Indians as per personal will worship these various forms of matter & energy as Divine GOD.
3. 'Universal stream of Consciousness' or the intellect of God is manifested in each human as their Conscience that helps to choose Good over Evil fulfilling the designs of DIVINITY.
4. Truth must be upheld by unpleasant truth hurting innocents must not be told.
5. One reaps as he sows and so none should cheat others but do good to himself & charity to others along with prayers & treading spiritual paths to God for getting respite from Karmafal or Law of Deeds done in present or past lives.
6. Non-violence be practiced except for food or defence of self & nation from cruel aggressors.
7. One must be honest & abstain from torturing others or taking their things as negativity affects self & creates unnecessary attachments to illusionary Maya moving people away from Moksha.
8. Let us be content with life and after pursuit of knowledge, wealth, family life, desires & ambitions perform right conduct to move away from earthy bonds at twilight years of retired life towards GOD whom we call by many names.
9. Incarnations of God like Krishna, Ram, Jesus, etc showed us what regulated disciplined life should be & why we must not interfere with rights of others & even take risks to protect them & fight for justice.

More Hangings needed for Jihadi, Rapist & Murderer

Among those who killed in cool head in a pre-planned way or did those by proxy using other criminals. Also, like Afzal Guru & other terrorists Presidential Pardon should not be meted out to any Jihadi like Kasab after 3 tier Judiciary of local court, High Court & Supreme Court passes death sentence as no judicial errors possible after such stringent and lengthy procedure.

Need for death penalties for dangerous criminals as: -

1) Inspite of calling Jails as Reformation Centres, may hurt people specially earlier victims & witnesses more after release & not get 'reformed',
2) May not create enough fear to stop future criminals but for that meting out punishments can't be stopped,
3) Terrorism is war against Nation & so all terrorists be put to death just as military do to any attacker at border!
Nationalism aka Hindutva:
And Swadeshi -
Forget Ayodhya/Dhar/Mathura/Kashi & oust Bangladeshis, who becoming fast majority in large parts of India and these Muslim foreign pests are voting sickulars leading to BJP's defeat! RSS help BJP merge with Ramdev's Bharat Swabhiman as individually both will loose in 2014 and also like Uma Bharti the other Hindutva stalwarts like Govindacharya, Yogi Adityanath & parties like Hindu Samhati, Ram Sene, Hindu Makkal Katcchi, Pather's Party (Jammu) Hindu Munnani, etc be returned back within party fold!
Currently we are down:
Also make climate change and education major issues -

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