Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Education –

Compulsory free education upto class 12 for BPLEven for lower middle class students option for vocational training should be provided along with education in school levels. Compulsory free education should be given to atleast Below Poverty Line students for upto class 12! Every developed country including most liberal ones have compulsory free education upto class 12 along with vocational training facilities. This is done for the benefit of the young children who are minors and have no free will, whatsoever. Also education should be mostly practical and not theoritical!Apart from mid-day meals the morning breakfast should also be provided to bring all poor students in schools. We need universal compulsory education upto class 12 first. Quantity is required for generating quality!

Healthcare –

Healthcare for below poverty line patients be freeHealthcare for below poverty line patients be free in Govt hospitals in all levels including medicines and food if stay at indoors.The cost of medicines and medical equipments should be reduced by abolishing taxes on them.The new patent law which restricts similiar medicine formulations by different companies be dismantled and the earlier one which help competition and keep prices of drugs low be reinforced!

Nothing is free now, the costly medicines or food during indoor stays and costs of diagonistics are enough to frighten away the poor patient. Only hospital or doctor's charge is negligible which is insufficient.The problems are due to mushrooming of private clinics which bribe these staffs to behave so and frighten away the patients to their grips! Healthcare should be 100% in Govt sector and free for below poverty line patients only. Then if all have to go to govt hospitals from ministers to farmers, things will improve! Ministers and top govt officials should be atleast debarred from visiting private hospitals in India and abroad for treatment. These blood suckers will then improve the system for their own sake!

Social Democratic Development Model –
1) Roads, Bridges, Railways and Transportation in Govt sector be given top priority.2) Govt should subsidize housing for poor more and free drinking water supply for all be made a fundamental right.3) In agriculture, tank and canal irrigation against wells and tubewells be given importance to maintain ground water level. Subsidies in Seeds, fertilizers and pesticides be increased to maximum.4) All meaningless employment schemes be abolished for a new single window scheme. It would give low interest micro-loans without security to any youth above 18 years living below poverty line by govt through Post offices which have the highest coverage in towns and villages, alike.5) Electricity, Airlines and Telecommunication be totally be in private sector except own arrangements of Defence Forces.N.B: The paradoxes in Indian laws should be amended as soon as possible. Like 18 years be the minimum age of marriage for both girls and boys, voting or standing in elections. In one word the single age of maturity instead of the current multiple 18, 21, 25 years, etc!

Constitutional Changes Required –
1) English and Hindi be official language of Central Govt only. The State languages be English and recognised regional language. The respect of national languages be given to all the State languages, Hindi, Sanskrit and English. 2) All Union territories be merged with adjacent States on the basis of language. Each state should elect equally only 2 MP to Rajyasabha the upper house of Parliament.3) In parliament or state legislatures the party or coalition with highest seats, even if less than a majority shall form govt and rule for full term.4) To pass any act in parliament or state legislatures however minimum 2/3rd members should approve.5) Changes in Indian Constitution can be made only through a massive 3/4th majority.

Local Governance in India –
2 tiers Panchayat system should be made compulsory throughout the country with clear cut areas of work and access to resources.The 2 tiers will be at District and Block levels only besides urban municipal organisations. Judicial Change –
All cases in all courts should be tried by majority decision of Jury (bench of judges say 5-7) to remove error, partiality and corruption instead of a single judge!

Defence and Foreign Affairs –
1) Ordnance production and paramilitary should be strictly under defence ministry only and not in private hands or under home ministry. We dont need gun culture like USA or manipulation by Arms production companies to wage continous wars.2) Chief of Defence Staff or CDS should be made and Secretary to CDS will also act as Defence Secretary and no non-defence IAS personal should be given this strategic post.3) Mayanmar and Mauritus should be included in expanding SAARC and India should also try to join ASEAN.

Proportional Representation & Reservation –
Proportional representation for the political parties on the ratio of votes polled is the only solution! Then percentage of votes polled by a party will be the same as percentage of the party's seats in legislatures. Maximum 30% seats in Govt aided educational and job sectors be reserved and that to for below poverty line people only irrespective of caste or creed! In Military the regiments named after caste, creed or region like Sikh regiment, Rajputana rifles or Jat Regiment should be abolished and named on Indian freedom fighters or given plain numeric values!

Medium of Education Be English Only –

English not over Hindi or Hindi not over other languages. English and Hindi be simply equally official languages of the Central govt!English is required for internationl and national links. However medium of education in all levels be English only and as languages besides English, hindi or any state language would do. Afterall it is a fact that most elitemen of India today are English medium educated and we cannnot deny this right to excel to poor students who go to Govt aided schools instead of rich private schools.

Social Security and Labour Rights -
In the buzz of globalisation the need for Social Security and labour rights are being pushed back! This is wholly unjust as whatever be the development model the welfare of the citizens is the primary duty of the Govt.1) A standard universal minimum wage for any profession should be determined by Govt for throughout the country every year. Non abiding with this should ensure strict punishment for the employers.2) All below poverty line aged people above 60 years be given a monthly allowance equal to the minimum wage per month.3) All destitute children upto 18 years leaving below povertyline be kept in Govt homes and provided free education, lodging and food. Vocational training should also be given to them compulsorily to make them independent in adult life.4) All handicapped persons leaving below povertyline be kept in Govt homes and provided free lodging and food or given a monthly allowance equal to the minimum wage per month. Vocational training should also be given to them compulsorily.5) Labourers should have a 6 day week with 8 hours per day normally. If the employer wants to work them for more hours then overtime should be paid compulsorily in ratio of their salary per extra hour. Maximum 4 hours overtime should be allowed. If the company/organisation who is the employer make profits then in ratio of profits the percentage of one year's salary should be atleast paid as bonus once a year.

Rules for Contesting in Indian Elections of Any Level -•One should be PAN card holder. •Never convicted of any civil or criminal offence in any court. •Maximum age and minimum age should be 75 and 25 years respectively. •Maximum number of times one may contest in a particular level would be 3 only. •Duration of a term would always be a maximum of 5 years. Rules for Voting in Indian Elections of Any Level -•One should be PAN card holder. •Never convicted of any civil or criminal offence in any court. •Attaining 18 years of age. •Having voter identity cards which should be renamed citizen’s identity cards.

Increase Income and Job in Railways –
To increase the income of Railways, eradicate unemployment from India and stop passengers from travelling without tickets in Railways in one single step. This can be done. A bus employs 2-3 conductors, besides the driver and helper if any to run a bus. These conductors sell and check tickets from the passengers. They work in commission basis and the private bus operators make good profits. If it is possible with buses, why not Railway Coaches, equal or more people travel in Railway Coaches than a bus in an average. If 2 conductors are employed by the Railways on commission basis in each coach, not only employment will be generated to a huge extent but also Railways/Government would benefit from increased sell of tickets and without ticket travel would also be stopped. N.B: The Railway Ticket counters would not however be closed down and sell season tickets and reserved tickets.
The extra income is needed also for security purpose and upgrading and maintaining old parts.

Farm Land acquisation by Govt. and Industry –

A lot of things can be done regarding Industrial pollution. Netherlands can be a good example. Industries of polluting nature can be allowed only in specified SEZs and Industrial Complexes marked by Govt. and proper pollution control be maintained.As far as possible permit system should be re-enacted only for Industries of polluting nature and the least permission granted the best.Public transport should be only used in most places, urban or rural and use of private transport behind certain limits be made criminal offences!More areas of natural or manmade vegetation, atleast 33% of land area should be reserved by forest department. Like-wise lakes. ponds and rivers should be kept clean and non-polluted. Strict non-bailable punishment should be given for breaking pollution laws.Use of polluting items like asbestos and polybags be totally banned.Electric trams and bicycles should be used most.Agriculture and pasture lands should also be preserved and buidings (even of owners) and industries should not be strictly permitted there.

Conversion by Force or Allurement Be Stopped –

Religious conversion in India and elsewhere should be regulated by government for ensuring human rights. Many times poor people are forced to convert in lieu of bread. While this is a failure of society and government their religious, spiritual and human rights are trampled due to this kind of pressurised conversion mostly taking place in Asia, Africa and Latin America. There should be a mechanism to check whether the converts are really willing or not and then permission should be granted, also conversion cases should be properly registered.The inter-religious relationship is important since conversion leads to political upheaval and rise of new conflicting culture. Thus, great Egyptians regard themselves as arabs except the Coptic christian minority. Likewise Syrians regard themslves as arabs except some christian syrians who regard themselves as Syriac or Aramaic. Same is true for many Muslim Kashmiris who think themselves ethnically different from Hindu Kashmiri Pandits.

Celebrating Indian Independence on 26 Jan –

We have been told from our school days that 15 August is India's Independence Day. This is a big fraud, a blot on our nation! On 15 Aug, 1947 India achieved Dominion Status not Independence. British Crown was still the head of the state and appointed the Governor General who was Lord Mountbatten. Jawaharlal Nehru on 15 Aug, 1947 was a mere caretaker interim prime minister with little powers and not elected by universal adult suffrage (vote). The second Governor General appointed by British crown was an Indian Chakravarty Rajagopalachari but had to report to British crown! All the chiefs of Army, Navy and Air force were British Officers reporting to British crown via Governor General and not to PM J.L. Nehru. In this condition many people accuse Nehru of mishandling the Kashmir issue but he had no real power to deal with the issue! Mountbattein ordered and Nehru refered the case to UNO when India was winning the war. This was because Pakistan remained a dominion till 1956 and though Jinnah was at slightly better position as Governor General overlording PM Liaqat Ali in Pakistan, the chiefs of Pakistani armed forces were also British and reported to British crown. British officers did not want to fight British officers of the other side! Thus 1/3rd Kashmir is still with Pakistan. India's real Independence Day is 26 January 1950 when we became free from British crown and Rajendra Prasad became the head of state as President. First election of independent India was on 1952. We should also come out of British Commonwealth which is a vestige of imperialism because British crown is its permanent head! Many erstwhile colonies including Ireland has left British Commonwealth. Let us all be united and demand scrapping of 15 August as India's Independence Day which is a big fraud and reinstatement of 26 January 1950 as both Republic and Indepemdence Day.

Kashmir and Nagaland –
Kashmir valley (except Anantnag and Srinagar districts) be seperated from Jammu and Kashmir state and be made a seperate Indian state! Pandits displaced should be settled in Anantnag and Srinagar districts. This will save Jammuites, Ladakhis, Pandits from terrorism with which they have no connection and should not unncessarily suffer.Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal and Senapati and Ukhrul districts of Manipur should be merged with Nagaland/Nagalim who are wholely Naga from time immemorial!

Social Synthesis –

•Human consciousness is an indivisible part of the all pervading universal stream of consciousness. •The conscience of a person is one’s individual consciousness which helps us to judge right or wrong. Thus all persons irrespective of religion, class and race should coexist peacefully. •A wrong doer is a person whose conscience is suppressed. •Thus, all humans should have equal social, political , religious and economic rights which would help in purifying their conscience. •All persons of a particular nation should share a common bond of nationalism not only for national or individual development but for the betterment of the whole universe. •Inspite of similarities and unity a each person is unique in manifestation. Likewise, all nations are somewhat apart inspite of the inherent common bonding. Thus, all nations should develop individually and collectively to fulfill not only internal aspirations but also strive to develop universal humanism for the peace, progress and prosperity of the human race and the universe. •Conservation of nature is the basis of human and universal existence. •Prevention of all types of pollution is required for this purpose to the greatest extent.