Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Territorial Problems of India and Solution

Kashmir valley (except Anantnag & Srinagar Districts) be made a seperate Indian State away from J&K -
The area proposed by Kashmiri Hindu Pandits for Panun Kashmir, their homeland remains in the proposed "Kashmir Pradesh" as Srinagar and Anantnag districts for their re-settlement. All major Hindu shrines including Amarnath cave also falls within it. National Highway linking Srinagar to Leh-Ladakh and Jammu falls within it. So, what is the problem if seperate "Koshur Valley" state is formed and terrorism is countered by restricting it to this small 13,000 sq. km area out of 101,000 sq. km area of Indian administered Jammu & Kashmir? People of Jammu and Ladakh along with Kashmiri Pandits will heave a sigh of relief and leave peacefully as full Indian citizens in seperate "Kashmir Pradesh". In Kashmiri language Kashmir is called Koshur. Poonch, Badgam, Pulwama, Baramulla, Kupwara districts be made a seperate state of India called "Koshur Valley" while rest of Jammu and Kashmir form the "Kashmir Pradesh" with permanent capital at Anantnag instead of Srinagar (summer) and Jammu (winter). Meanwhile Indian "Kashmir Pradesh" should retain strategically important Anantnag and Srinagar districts through which National Highway linking Ladakh-Leh passes and uprooted Kashmiri Hindu Pandits be re-settled in these 2 districts. This new "Kashmir Pradesh" will be non-muslim majority and enjoy status as any state of India, while "Koshur Valley" state be given the privileges like Article 370 and autonomy currently given to Jammu and Kashmir.

Homeland for Bangladeshi Hindus be created -
The only solution to Hindu, Buddhist and Christian Minorities of Bangladesh mostly Dalit Rajbanshis and Namasudras can be solved by annexing northwestern Bangladesh and merging the area with West Bengal after resettling them there. They are brutally tortured by the majority community sponsored by Bangladesh govt who regard them Indians and want to get rid of them to acquire and grab land and property. They have a black law "Enemy Property Law" which forcefully acquires land of minorities who flee to India to escape torture, rape, loot, etc. Annexing and merging this region with India would strategically help India to a great extent by widening corridor to its northeast and controlling tribal terrorism there. It would also help development and growth of the entire region. Visit the websites to know the grim situation - www.mayerdak.com, www.hrcbm.org, bir-bango.tripod.com N.B: Bir Bango (Bangabhumi) is wrongfully fighting on 2 fronts on a huge area which is impossible to liberate!

Sindhu Pradesh state in India be formed -
With Kutch, Tharparkar and Badin districts. Tharparkar and Badin districts of Pakistan was sindhi Hindu majority till 1965 war. In Tharparkar district of Sindh (Pak) adjoining India, Hindu percentage is highest at 40.5% and in Badin district of same province of Sindh (Pak) they are 18.5%. Sindh has the highest percentage of Hindus at 7.5%. Kutchi is a dialect of Sindhi language. Culture & language of Hindu Sindhis will be saved.

India should force Srilanka to give Lankan Tamils a State through federal arrangement -
Peace will come in South India and Srilanka.

N.B: India should include Mauritus and Mayanmar into expanding SAARC and try to join ASEAN as soon as possible. India should also leave British Commonwealth the last vestige of colonialism as British Crown is its permanent head. India should make 'Line of Actual Control' or LAC with China the international border. Similiarly, India should unilaterally declare the LOC or 'Line of Control' and status quo position with Pakistan as the permanent international border!

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